Tooth Desensitization

tooth with iceEnjoy hot and cold foods again – without the pain!

If a taste of ice cream or a sip of hot coffee is sometimes a painful experience for you, then you probably have what’s known as “sensitive teeth”. By applying a fluoride gel or other desensitizing agents to your teeth, we can help strengthen your enamel, which reduces the transmission of painful sensations to the nerves. It takes only a short time at our office, but it can have great effects!

Dental Sensitivity is very common amongst adults.  There are many reasons why teeth become sensitive and it’s often due to root exposure!  I’ve made a list of common causes of this condition where the gum has receded away from the crown of the tooth.  We offer treatment to decrease
that sensitivity with minimal to no discomfort!

1- Bone Loss
2- Vigorous brushing
3- Clenching/Grinding of teeth
4- Acid wear on teeth
5- Smoking
6- Periodontal Surgery
7- Cancer Treatment
8- Dry Mouth