September 18th, 2015

Gifts From The Heart

We are pleased to announce the continuation of our Gifts From The Heart program to our community.

This program is a huge success and we want everyone to know about it!

We offer a free dental cleaning to those who find themselves in difficult financial times. We do this the 1st Monday of every month.

We believe everyone deserves a healthy and a beautiful smile. A positive radiant smile can help lead to brighter things!

Call and book your appointment today!


August 6th, 2015

Here is a link to a great article depicting the reasons to maintain excellent oral health. Just copy and paste!




Did you know that apples are so wonderful for you? Let alone they are great tasting plus these benefits!!! My how lucky are we??



Good August 4th, 2015 morning all. Today we wanted to share a little food for thought!


What’s in a smile? What can one translate? We always hear the saying “The eyes are the window to the soul”. We believe that your smile also has meaning. When you smile, your eyes light up. When you smile, your body reaps the benefits from the joy that you feel from smiling. When you smile, people smile as it is infectious. Smiles create long lasting impressions. People will remember you as the one with that beautiful smile. Why not stand out from the crowd. Give it a go, smile for everyone, but most importantly smile for yourself!


This is what we do…. This is our passion! Let us bring the sparkle to your smile! Dental hygienist bring the sparkle