Independent Hygieniest vs. Dental Office

Clients Choice:  Independent Hygienist or Dentist office for Dental cleanings?

This is the most common questions with clients and here are our views at Pearly whites Plus:

  1. Your dental cleaning with the hygienist and your dental check-up are 2 different services. Clients have a choice to seek their dental cleaning outside the traditional dental clinic and have their dental exam and radiographs done every 9-12 months unless otherwise recommended.
  2. Visiting a hygienist at Pearly Whites Plus doesn’t interfere with your regular dental visit that your insurance pays every 9-12 months as we don’t bill your insurance for a dental check-up.  Dental cleanings are often associated with the dental exam but clients often need more dental cleanings every 3, 4 or 6 months.
  3. Soft and hard tissue exam (visual and tactile) are exercised at every hygiene visit and we are able to identify any abnormalities seen in your mouth and on your teeth.  Do not be confused by the hygienist that works under the same roof of the dentist and a hygienist that works independently.  We have the same diploma but if she hasn’t worked for a dentist for over 2 years after graduating, she cannot work independently like the hygienists at Pearly Whites Plus.
  4. If a dentist indicates that he can’t make a thorough exam if you get your dental cleaning elsewhere is unethical and disrespectful towards the client’s choice.  Why would that be different?  The client pays the dentist to observe any dental problems and pays the hygienist for her dental cleanings.  It is the Dentist’s obligation to diagnose all aspects of dentistry and recommend the proper treatment which includes dental cleaning whether its the hygienist in his office or the hygienist that the clients want to see and support independently.  Independent dental hygienist work very hard to work with the dentist to reach the same goal which is to maintain the client’s oral health.  We can’t make diagnosis of cavities but we advise and recommend clients to seek an exam by their dentist (If the client doesn’t have one, we can recommend one for them) on a regular basis.