About Us

Pearly Whites Plus is owned and operated by Francine O’Donnell. Our establishment began by offering Teeth Whitening treatments  and customized sport mouth guards at the comfort of Francine’s home.

The business has since evolved into a full Dental Hygiene Clinic located at 61 Rea Street South in Timmins. Our team is made up of two Registered Dental Hygienist and an Office Administrator, whom offer flexible hours including evenings and weekends!

Our mission is to help you “Discover the power of a healthy smile”, while providing more one-on-one  personalized dental care with the emphasis on maximum comfort in a relaxing environment.

The focus of Pearly Whites Plus is the treatment and prevention of oral disease to ensure better overall health for all of our clients while also providing dental aesthetics such as Teeth Whitening and Tooth Jewels.

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